Work Placements - Athlete Futures Program

Work Placements - Athlete Futures Program

Infront Sports Consulting’s Athlete Futures Program provides work experience placement opportunities for professional athletes and coaches Australia-wide, in areas as diverse as:

  • Sport Science
  • Sport Administration
  • Sport Commentating
  • Clinical Health
  • Corporate Health
  • Veterinary Science
  • Fisheries Farming
  • Marine Biology
  • Police Services
  • Firefighting
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Property Development
  • Small Business Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Law
  • Construction
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Design
  • Digital Management
  • International Relations
  • Immigration
  • Golf Course Design
  • And many more…

Athletes and coaches can gain valuable skills and exposure to a job role or industry that is new to them, or that aligns with their interests or relevant study.  Placements can run for up to seven full time days and are fully supported by Infront in regards to coordination, relationship development, activities planning, scheduling, supervision allocation, occupational health and safety requirements, insurance coverage, wages administration, monitoring, media management, feedback and reporting.  Placements can be paid or unpaid, depending on the sponsoring sporting organisation.  All placements focus on mutual benefit for both the host organisation and the athlete or coach, to ensure a positive, engaging and successful placement experience for all involved. With over 100 successful work experience placements behind us since 2010, there’s a work experience opportunity out there for every professional athlete and coach. As part of the Futures Program, Infront Sports supports and assists in delivering the following work placement programs:

To find out more, speak with your Player Development Manager, call Infront Sports on 1300 338 546 or email us here. 

Career Planning

Career Counselling

Life as a professional athlete or coach can be incredibly rewarding, challenging and stimulating.  We believe that a career beyond sport can be just as rewarding, challenging and stimulating, if you plan for it.  Career counselling is suitable for current and past professional athletes and coaches who would like to:

  • Help clarify career interest areas,
  • Speak with career advisers who are in touch with the live job market and hiring managers,
  • Understand what employers seek in prospective employees,
  • Explore a range of career options based on interests, strengths, weaknesses, motivations, learning styles and lifestyle preferences,
  • Engage in education, study or work experience, but don’t know what area to focus on,
  • Gain greater certainty regarding what ‘life after sport’ might look like, or life beyond a current job role,
  • Develop a ‘Plan B’ that can be the first step towards a satisfying and engaging career beyond sport or a current job role.

Utilising comprehensive behavioural profiling and taking into account your personality profile, interests, learning style, motivations, lifestyle preferences, strengths, weaknesses, passions and financial and personal goals, Infront Sports can work with you to identify career interest areas and help you to explore them fully.

To find out more, speak with your Player Development Manager, call Infront Sports on 1300 338 546 or email us here. 

Career Transition

Career Transition

When life beyond sport calls, there are many ways to start planning and actively driving the direction in which you’d like to head.  To support athletes and coaches planning ahead for their future Infront Sports assists in the following areas:

  • CV preparation
  • Cover letter preparation
  • Job application support
  • Presentation development
  • Interview skills development
  • Networking skills development

Infront Sports’ brings years of career transition and recruitment experience, an understanding of employment markets, as well as one on one experience with over 350 athletes and coaches Australia-wide.  Supporting the successful career development and transition of athletes and coaches since 2010, Infront understands the nuances of professional sport and how to best maximise and highlight key transferable skills and experience. 

To find out more, speak with your Player Development Manager, call Infront Sports on 1300 338 546 or email us here. 



To support the successful career development and transition of athletes and coaches Australia-wide, Infront Sports also offers the following group workshops available to sporting organisations, including clubs and player associations.

  • CV Development for athletes and coaches
  • Interview skills for athletes and coaches
  • Networking for future career success
  • Candidate marketing for future career success

Specifically designed to suit the needs of professional athletes and coaches, Infront Sports’ career development and transition workshops can provide a competitive edge for immediate or future career transition success.  Focusing on practical skills development, each workshop is engaging, enjoyable and ensures that athletes and coaches walk away with useful skills, experience and guidelines for how they can continue to develop in each area.  To find out more call Infront Sports on 1300 338 546 or email us here.

Sarah Aley news desk smaller 2 ‘The whole placement was excellent and the site visits were the most enjoyable, to see the inner workings of each different media department and being able to interact and ask questions of the journalists, to get a good picture of what is required in this industry.  I would recommend Beyond the Boundary to other players as the program provides an opportunity to get insights into a given industry to help make decisions on careers.  It will help me to decide if study will be necessary before approaching companies within the industry.’
Sarah Aley, NSW State Cricketer, on her Beyond the Boundary placement at Channel 7.

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