• "I just wanted to let you know I got the South Adelaide job…Another positive result for you and what you are doing! Thanks for your professional support, you have been amazing for me over the last few years."
    Brad Gotch, Senior Coach, South Adelaide Football Club, 2013
  • "I couldn’t have asked for more help and support through the process. Great bunch of people who are willing to help you gain employment in your selected field. Thanks again!"  
    Burt Cockley, NSW State Cricket Player, Beyond the Boundary
  • 'The most enjoyable part of my placement was ’being able to experience what goes on, off the field during games.  And to see how the whole media set up works - not just Manly (Warringah Sea Eagles), but all reporters and journalists as well.  For me it was a great chance to experience something outside of what I am studying at uni.  Without it, (Beyond the Boundary), it would have been difficult to get such an opportunity.  And it was something that I thoroughly enjoyed.  This is an occupation that I’m certainly interested in and, after having this experience, it’s something I would be keen to investigate more in the future.’

  • "The Beyond the Boundary program is excellent... Designworks is an amazing company to work for and I felt thoroughly welcomed into their environment. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to all players. I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. Infront does a fantastic job and I would love to be involved in the program again. 10/10!"
    Dominic Michael, TAS State Cricketer, Beyond the Boundary
  • Beyond the Boundary provides a great introduction for players into the workplace. The program is run efficiently and was a pleasure to be part of.’

  • "A great opportunity to get first hand experience working in a field that you're interested in."
    Molly Strano, VIC State Cricketer, Beyond the Boundary
  • From my understanding the program is providing athletes with a future outside cricket. For Sally to be supported in this way is fantastic, her enthusiasm, initiative and pleasant personality made her participation on the field trip a pleasure for all involved.’

  • "Beyond the Boundary is a great way to get experience in an industry, while still playing cricket."
    Louis Cameron, VIC State Cricketer, Beyond the Boundary
  • "I enjoyed the whole lot from start to finish. I was continually learning new stuff and the hands on style of learning was a valuable experience."
    Matt Day, TAS State Cricketer, Beyond the Boundary
  • "I really enjoyed being in the primary school environment as I thought I could really assist the students in their learning.  I was able to supervise the class, help children with their work, teach maths students, assist with student reading groups and assist the teacher.  I would highly recommend the program to any aspiring teachers out there as, I think it gives you a very good idea of what teaching is really like."
    Scott Boland, VIC State Cricketer, 2013
  • "Overall the BTB program was amazing... All staff at my host school were extremely friendly and welcoming which made things a lot more enjoyable.  I would recommend this program to any player whom is considering what career or study path they would like to go down."
    NSW State Cricketer, Beyond the Boundary
  • ‘This is my second Beyond the Boundary program I have participated in. The reason I chose to participate in it again was the simple fact the first time was such a great experience and benefited me greatly in my personal development in the Strength and Conditioning field.

    Erin's professionalism and guidance in making this happen is testament to her passion for helping players better themselves and make the transition into another career outside of Professional Sport a breeze. My placement was with West Coast Fever (Netball), I worked alongside Erin Haff, which was a great experience and one that I tried to make the most of every opportunity to gain as much knowledge and tips during my stay. It was also great to see female professional sport and see how netball players prepare week in week out. I would like to thank all the girls at West Coast Fever and Erin Haff for having me, I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed my stay! 

    Once again, thank you to Erin Devlin for the great work and making it happen and to everyone at Infront sports for allowing Professional athletes the opportunity to further our development and pursue a career outside of our sport.


    Burt Cockley

    Owner of Cockley Performance Systems.’

  • 'Beyond the Boundary is a great initiative by Australian Cricketer's Association and Infront Sports Consulting to explore workplace opportunities for cricketers, both female and male, looking to explore professional opportunities outside the game and looking to further their professional skills.  It was great to meet new people and understand how they complete their roles.  Erin and the team at Infront Sports Consulting were very helpful, and passionate about getting people into workplaces they like working for and helping to achieve successful ventures.’
  • "Having been involved in professional sport for a long time, the opportunity to experience life outside of cricket and to meet new people was great. I have always been interested in property and so to be able to get some practical work experience and learn more about the industry has made me eager to learn more."
    Adam Voges, WA State Cricket Player, Beyond the Boundary
  • "My host organisation provided a very welcoming environment and promoted learning by encouraging me to ask questions and engage in client care where appropriate... A great opportunity to see if a career is really what you expect."
    Steph Morrison, SA State Cricketer, Beyond the Boundary
  • "Thank you so much guys. I enjoyed learning a lot more, whilst making some money as well. And I now have a job out of it, so I can't ask for much more!  Thank you for putting in the time with me."
    Jake Fawcett, WA State Cricket Player, Beyond the Boundary
  • "Erin was fantastic in her communication and availability to take any questions, along with her genuine interest in what I was doing.  Honestly incredibly impressed at the promptness and the professionalism shown."
    Alicia Dean, SA State Cricket Player, Beyond the Boundary
  • "The entire process and program was handled very professionally from start to finish. All the Infront staff were friendly and excellent communicators.  We were pleased we were contacted and were able to take part in this work placement program."
    Ineke Clarke, Neighbour Labour & New Landscapes Host Organisation
  • "Beyond the Boundary was a perfect opportunity for me.  I am still giving cricket a crack, but know that I want to work within the sporting industry in the future.  The program gave me a taste of working as a sports scientist in an elite code.  I am very grateful to the Melbourne Storm, Erin Devlin, the ACA and everyone else who was involved in setting this placement up for me."
    Ian Holland, VIC State Cricketer, Beyond the Boundary
  • "GREAT program. Both players were a pleasure - quite different in personality but both would be excellent candidates and a good fit to the role of a firefighter. Hopefully the exposure to all the different areas of the QLFRS has 'lit the spark' for them to set a goal to become a firefighter sometime in the future!"
    Janine Taylor, QLD Fire and Rescue Service